Some examples of the figures encluded in the text

From booklet 2 The Specific Way of Thinking of a Physicist


from Chapter 2.4 Balances and Conservation Laws :

Line pendulum of N balls fixed at a distance equal to the diameter of the balls

Example of a physical question which can be answered by just taking into account the conservation laws of energie and momentum

From booklet 3 Mechanics:


From paragraph 3.1.3 The Basics of Modern Mathematics

Demonstration of the topological aequivalence of a mug and a torus


Lissajous figures with an amplitude-ratio of 1:1,a frequency ratio of 1:1 / 1:2 / 2:3 and a phase difference of 0 / 45° / 90°

(origin: designed by the autor)


Solar eclipse on the Cassini space probe at the 15.09.2006
(colour contrast enhanced original image)


From booklet 8 Thermodynamics:


from paragraph 8.1.18 The Energy Type Surface Energy

Structure of an oil-in-water emulsion (suncream) - image size 40 µm / 10 µm
(source: confocal microscope image taken by the author)


City Hall of Taos (New Mexico/USA) as an example of a modern building
in the Pueblo construction methode
(source: photo taken by the author)


from paragraph 8.8.3 Global thermal equalising currents / the global climate

A danish perspective: view of northern europe
taken from the International Space Station ISS (26.02.2003)
(source: NASA image gallery)


from paragraph 8.8.4 Global Climat Change:

Actual altitude-distribution of landscape
(a) distribution function of the normaliesed landscape
(b) over the altitude averaged relative fraction of landscape (red) and altitude-related density of landscape (green)
(source: graphic designed by the author)


from paragraph 8.8.5 A Hypothesis explaining the Global Climate:

Chronological sequence of
CO2-concentration of the earth atmosphere (
ground temperature (
red) and
see level (
blue) during the pleistocene
(source: graphic designed by the author based on data published via\_by\_author/siddal2003 and

from book 10 Elementary Particles, Cosmology:


Image of the Andromeda galaxy
(a) in the visible light
(b) as superposition of a sub-mm-radiation image (
      and an x-ray image (
(Source: This image is based on the image
M31-andromeda_H of the ESA Multimedia Galery)

From booklet 11 Optik:


from paragraph 11.10.4 Contrast generating Effects
                                   of Imaging Optical Instruments:

Image of a water patch on a painted car
(a) under bright field illumination
(b) under dark field illumination
                                                      (source: images taken by the author)

From booklet 12 Materials Science:


from paragraph 12.1.3 Why are construction concepts size dependent?

Skeleton of a Tyranno saurian exposed in the Royal Museum of Paleontology 
in Drumheller/Alberta (Kanada)
(source: photo taken by the author)


from paragraph 12.3.4 Non-linearity and geometrie dependancy:

Plastical Zone near the crack tip
CLSM-image of a Polycarbonate optical fibre
(source: confocal microscopic image taken by the author)

from paragraph 12.7.4
 The Filler/Matrix-Interface:

CLSM-image of a short fibre reinforced polybutadiene/polyamide blend 
after long-term alternating mechanical load
(source: confocal microscopic image taken by the author)


from paragraph 12.9.3 Anisotropic Composites:

Tappan Zee Bridge over the Hudson River
(nearby Tarrytown/New York State/USA)
Photo showing some details of the steel construction
(source: photo taken in 1994 by the author)

from paragraph 12.9.3 Anisotropic composites

Experiment showing the tensile strength of Polystal
mass of the Mini-truck = 4 t ; Polystal-diameter = 7,5 mm
(source: Research-Bayer-Forschungsmagazin, 1986, S. 34-41)

from book 14 Electronics:


from paragraph 14.7.2
 Techniques reducing parasite signals

Typical structure of the electrical connections between 2 electronic devices

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